Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mapping things out

Usually, we loosely map out our routes before we head out on trips, based on places we want to see and terrain we want to experience. We always allow generous wiggle room for unpredictable weather patterns and tips from people we meet along the way (like last year's impromptu excursion to Helmcken Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in North America). This trip, though, we're relying more heavily on others' advice because we can't just sit down with our trusty gazetteer and estimate how long it'll take to get from one place to the next. And we're fine with that.

... well, for the most part...

Still, I found myself looking at travel guides. Don't get me wrong--I have complete faith in the recommendations from our friends at Touratech. Being able to reference basic road maps and suggested routes, though, allows us to stay flexible and informed as we go along. Plus, we don't have much working knowledge of the region's native languages, so a few phrasebooks couldn't hurt. So, with those reasons in mind, I purused a couple book stores and managed to track down a few road travel books and quick reference guides that are sure to come in handy. While I haven't used their language material yet, I've generally had good experience with Lonely Planet in the past. Travel books designed for driving/riding, though, were a bit more slim pickings, so we'll see how those work out. If nothing else, they'll pass the time on the flight over anyway!


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  1. Lack of driving/riding books? Looks like you two can be one of the first after your trip! I bet you could write an amazing and interesting travel guide on Europe with a motorcycle.