Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Order a Beer in Cologne

We have been to Cologne a few times in the past, and were busy with Intermot, so we kept the sightseeing to a minimum.  Cologne is a beautiful city.  Their Dom is one of  my favorite cathedrals in Europe.  I highly recommend spending a day there if you can. One thing you need to do when visiting Cologne is sit down and drink a nice local Kolsch beer.

The beer ordering process in Cologne is unique, but very efficient once learned:

Step 1) Pick a table outside and sit down.
Step 2) If you want a beer, put a coaster out in front of you.
Step 3) Waiter will come by with a beer for you.
Step 4) Drink beer.  Be careful.  The glasses are small, but pack a punch.
Step 5) When beer is finished, another one will immediately be brought out.
Step 6) Once you've had enough beers, place your coaster on top of the glass to indicate you're done. If you are not sober enough at this point to do so, have a friend do it for you.
Step 7) Pay your tab, then go get some currywurst.


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  1. The 'steps' to beer drinking efficiency the German way. Love it! Keep the updates coming, Matt&Bradye.