Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lago di Como to Sondrio

Feeling well-rested and ready to enjoy more of what northern Italy had to offer, we pack our belongings all the way back to the bikes and take off on some of the twistiest roads yet. The curvy nature is fun and interesting. Coming around a blind corner to meet a big truck or tour bus head-on is not. We're all in 1st or 2nd gear and looking out for each other, though, so it works out.

I read about two neat, little lake towns on either side of Lago di Como that follow a suggested driving route, so that's where we're headed. This includes another short ferry ride, too! After wandering the streets and steps of Bellagio and eating pizza lunches (check out Matt's interesting choice below on the left, complete with fried egg and hot dogs), we jump on the ferry to Varenna.

The promise of amazing views, castle relics, and a working falconry at Castello di Vezio takes us up more twisties above Varenna. Despite the fact that when we finally found the castle, it was only open for about 20 more minutes, it did not disappoint. The falconry display was unfortunately closed, but there was a cool big owl at the entrance, and the views really were spectacular. Plus, we got to see an olive tree grove!

We really wanted to stay at an agriturismo for the night, but this was one of the few times when traveling without plans didn't work out so great because it turns out reservations are required. Oh well--you win some, you lose some. So, we ended up in Sondrio for the night, where Matt got to try out a dรถner pizza. At least it wasn't a complete loss!

- Brayde

Views from the castle

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