Saturday, October 6, 2012


From Intermot to Berlin! We have spent the last two days exploring Berlin with our dear friends Ian and Ebe. What a city! Respect for the history is displayed in big ways (Berlin Wall) and small (Stolperstein or “stumbling stone,” a brick families can purchase in the sidewalk to honor a loved one they lost in concentration camps). As luck would have it, we even arrived on German Unity Day, celebrating the day the East and West were reunified after the war. So, we got to bump into a big festival, too. Obviously, 48 hours doesn’t do a city the magnitude of Berlin justice, but we made the most of it, visiting several sightseeing destinations and, of course, beer gardens.

We visited an interpretive center across the street from where a church was demolished for the construction of the Berlin Wall because the borderline ran right through it.
What the Berlin Wall used to look like, before professional artists

Berlin Wall now
 Berlin is a fascinating blend of cultures, which translated to many meals and snacks around the city as we explored. We should probably go on a cleansing fast when we get home, but it’s been well worth it to us! My favorite so far has been Käsespätzle with pork strips, followed closely by Dürüm Döner. Can’t wait to see what other regional fare our trip has in store for us!


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  1. Awesome pics! So good to see you guys and we so enjoyed walking the city with you. Happy travels!