Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lago d' Orta to Lago di Como

Our pace has slowed a bit, in part to take in the scenery and in part because we're stuck going about 30 mph the majority of the time. But that's ok because the tight switchbacks on the hills coming into and out of every little village and hairpin turns within them don't allow us to go much faster than that anyway. These turns put anything we've encountered stateside to shame. Tight turns have never been my favorite aspect of riding, but as Matt says, I'll be a pro after this trip!

After clearing up some housekeeping issues (why do we always forget to tell our credit card companies we're traveling?) and wandering the city a bit more, we hit the road to skirt the southeastern shore of Lago d'Orta. Then Matt impressed me with his Italian skills and got us two tickets to take the ferry across Lago Maggiore. We've been told that Lago di Como is a must-see, so that's today's destination.

As the day winds down, we find ourselves in Monday rush hour traffic coming into the city of Como. Not ideal, but we manage alright and take in the mixture of old and new architecture that seems to be typical of Italian cities.

We chose a hotel in the GPS just outside of Como to stay the night, and after passing it two or three times, we finally found it. The good news: it was directly on the lake and even happened to be the cheapest spot yet! The not-so-good news: we had to hike all our belongings about 100 meters down to the hotel below. At least they had private parking! The hike was well worth it, though, and we enjoyed a lovely lakeside room. Lago di Como certainly didn't disappoint!

Our hotel was the building on the left

- Brayde

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