Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lucerne, Switzerland to Konstanz, Germany

Our trip is winding down, and the weather is quickly turning to full-on autumn with pretty steady drizzle and the occasional cloudburst. It's always a bummer to see a vacation coming to an end, but what an amazing trip this has been. We had already planned on two short riding days for these last two legs of the trip, and given the weather we woke up to today, we probably would have made that decision anyway. The vast majority of this trip, we've had the GPS set to avoid highways... but not today. We set it for the hotel we reserved over lunch, jumped on the bikes between downpours, and took off for Konstanz, Germany. Our route took us through Zurich, which I would have otherwise been tempted to pop into and explore, but today we opted for more of a rolling tour in the interest of time and weather.

Our apartment-hotel reservation proved successful. It's always a bit of a leap of faith booking a hotel online, sight unseen. But this place was blocks from the altstadt, was easy to check into, had a private garage, and was nice to have more of a "homey" feel by virtue of being an apartment. We were able to take advantage of daylight left after we rolled in, thanks to the short trip from Lucerne, and Konstanz did not disappoint.

Probably one of my favorite things about this trip has been seeing just how truly old the Old Town sections of cities and villages really are here. The history is just so rich that it's humbling. The oldest dated building we found in our stroll around Konstanz was 1384--very cool! While we did get to capitalize on a couple hours of daylight, we decided it wasn't enough over a dinner of beer and Jagerschnitzel. We agree to get up early the next day to walk around a bit more before we head back to Niedereschach to give our loaned bikes back to Touratech.

The weather's a bit clearer today, and our early wake-up allowed us to take in Lake Konstanz's views. A nice way to wrap up our visit to this southern town in Germany.

- Brayde

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  1. Did you realize that the rocks in the Pacific NWet are just as old as those in Europe? We joked about that many times as we rode around Europe. Thanks again for the excellent ride reports.